DMS Crew is the top 3 hip-hop squad in our region, by many considered to be the best one. They are iconic for their attitude and crazy shows that are sold-out months before. They’ve got more than 150 million views on YouTube and more than 200 million streams on streaming services. These guys are a demonstration of what it’s like to combine the Jordan brand with high fashion. They carry 2-3 pairs of sneakers for concerts, which they change during the show. An average of 4 500 people on their shows is just underlining their position. The moshpits they have in Slovakia and Czechia are unprecedented.

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With roots in the 90s and graffiti, Monsignor Separ came from boom-bap master to trap lord. His first solo album „Buldozér“ was released in 2012 and catapulted him to the top of the scene. Since then he remains at this spot and actively pushes his label and crew DMS.

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The right hand of Separ, Dame also grew up in the 90s and is influenced by that era. Since then he is delivering half of the rapping in the DMS crew and grew up to be an icon in the scene, considered to be one of the best in what he does. He is also a successful tattoo artist.