tribute to kobe

kobe mural

The 23th of August is the day when Kobe Bryant would celebrate his 43th b-day. Just a day later, the whole basketball community around the world celebrates Mamba day. The 24th of August is the date composed from numbers (24 and 8) that Kobe used to wear on his jersey. On this occasion, we teamed up with toast house Daj si and local artist Piotrfitti, and created a mural dedicated to the memory of the legend. We painted the whole bistro into the LA Lakers‘ own yellow signature color and placed Kobe’s smiling face on the side of the building next to the “Mamba forever” sign. Because other than tunnel vision and 100% focus, we will always remember him as a kind and inspiring person with a smile on his face.

kobe bryant mural tribute the streets daj si toast house

mamba day

The whole day here was dedicated to Kobe, we held a giveaway for a Kobe number 8 purple jersey, and created an extra off season episode of the Joe Trendy NBA show dedicated to Kobe’s career. Outside of mamba day, the entire team and staff of the toast house Daj si, has a dress code of the LA Lakers and they wear Lakers jerseys every day. The whole bistro is in an LA Lakers mood.