The Streets Culture 2 - Prague

For the culture

What we earn, we give back to our community.
All of us know, that basketball is the coolest game in the World. There is not any other sport on this planet, which is more connected with hip-hop, music, fashion, art, and lifestyle. Respecting our brand and DNA we are coming up with the new concept – THE STREETS CULTURE.

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We put rivalry aside and invited all the big names, which are defining and representing street culture from Slovakia and the Czech Republic under one roof. Fashion, basketball, music, skateboarding, art, street food, interviews and everything that grew up on the streets, in one place.


This time we decided to celebrate THE STREETS CULTURE in Prague. We have chosen an OPEN-AIR
execution. We found an incredibly strong and authentic community spot for Basketball, action
sports and graffiti culture. The spot is under one of the biggest traffic and rush bridge complexes in the heart of Prague and close to the Vltava River – Vltavska Underground.


For the Prague event , we decided to split our content to two days. On Friday we invited the best HIP-HOP artists and DJs on the spot to create such a pre-heat and noise for our community. And although the weather forecast was against us, at the end of the day high-intensity rain didn’t discourage the audience at all, but boosted the energy and whole vibe of the event. It was damn f….. strong, pure hell. 


A couple of thousands of our fans attended and created such an amazing atmosphere.



Check this out.


Day two was dedicated to all major activities. We prepared for our community over than 23 pop-ups executions that represent street culture across every single pillar: sport, art, lifestyle, food and beverages, music.

We in THE STREETS respecting our basketball DNA wanted to show respect to one of the greatest and most influential players of all time, KOBE BRYANT. Last but not least we decided to spread the NBA vibe and passion within the streets community. We partnered with a very well-known graffiti artist from the Czech Republic to create a mural of KOBE right in front of the basketball court and seeded tees with graphics inspired by KOBE. We were also able to secure several units of KOBE PROTRO 8 HALO from our August launch and use them for our RAFFLE and as a main prize for winners of streetball battles.


Our main sport activity of the day was a 2-on-2 streetball battle. To make this tournament as cool as f… for players, but public as well, we approached here differently. We allowed several talented players to be assigned to the tournament.

The rest of the teams we built from very well-known celebrities of the Czech street culture scene – HIP HIP artist, NIKTENDO from Million+ label 340k followers on IG, youtubers such as VLADA VIDEOS with 700k subscripers, Nicolas Russo basketball   as well as a few pro-players from the Czech national basketball league, such as Lamb Autrey, long time one of top 5 athletes in Czech league. For all the audience and public it was something completely different and attractive
to see their stars and idols in a different position; playing streetball and showing joy from the game and passion for the basketball culture.

On top of that, we named and dressed all teams into NBA jerseys and dedicated teams to extend the basketball vibe and present the NBA collection. This was really funny, and people had lots of fun while playing B-ball and competing against each other until late Saturday night.

shout out

We made winners happy with one of the hottest basketball sneakers of the year KOBE PROTRO 8 HALO. But, this wasn’t about prizes at all. It was about passion and the whole basketball/street culture spirit. 

Words of one of the best athletes in the Czech basketball league, Lamb Autrey just underlined the objective, why we are doing what we are doing.


As skateboarding and BMX belong to sports built, raised, and performed on the streets, that co-create the whole street culture and eco-system, we prepared for all athlete’s contests for the best trick. More athletes have been dressed in NBA jerseys and shown how these single pillars of the culture have been connected.


Important part of the whole event and crucial component that shapes and co-create the street
culture are various local fashion and streetwear brands, retailers, artists, resell stores, food trucks, drinks. We partnered up with the most relevant players on the marketplace such as Footshop, Life is Porno, Section, Semtex, Skedda, Snapbacks and served the community with the latest collaborations, product mixes, premium sneakers and apparel as well as incredible street food.

from the streets for the streets

Feedback from our community was just incredible and overpassed all our expectations. Our videos has hundreds of thousands of views, our social media reach outpased 5 million views. 

8 subcultures : basketball, bmx, skateboarding, fashion, music, art, dance, food – one unique event.  

But most important thing for us is just one:  to serve basketball and street culture and integrate them under our brand, THE STREETS.

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ballin everywhere

Let`s see, where we bring THE STREETS CULTURE next time…

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