brand the streets

From merchandise to brand

With the start of the transformation of our overall mindset and the level shift, we decided to change our attempts at merch so far to a „brand“ … and how did it happen? The first step was to switch from the purchased products to our own TVZ. Cut & Sew, where we played with details such as the choice of material (100% cotton, 450g / m2 – super heavy), choosing your own cut, satin stitch embroidery or washtags with the slogan BE PART OF IT. All sewn and manufactured in Slovakia. The support of domestic producers is important to us.

Anywhere anytime

Next in line was the choice of the composition of the first collection. We knew that when it was the first, the Streets – the street, city life, basketball, everyday leisure life, for us and work – must be as good as possible. And that is the only correct answer. Sweatshirt and sweatpants, 2 pieces of clothing that best describe and fit all of the above. The first collection set a high bar in the quality we intend to stick to. We plan to release larger cut & sew collections quarterly and supplement them with smaller collaborations/drops.


We teamed up with Ego, a member of a legendary hip-hop group from Kontrafakt. The theme of this song is „my band“. Here we first time showed our new brand collection. Videoclip got 180 000 views in the first week.