Our long-term goal is to create a community of people with common interests. However, joining any party may not be easy. We are very well aware of this, because since childhood each of us has been exposed to the problem of joining the team, whether it was at school, in a group in a housing estate, or in team sports. Many of us went through an unpleasant feeling of loneliness, which was caused by an unpleasant situation in the family, poor results at school, or even bullying. And in these moments, the most important thing is to find someone who will help and support you. Someone who encourages you passes the ball or just pats you on the shoulder.

be one of us

We don’t want to let anyone sit in a corner without friends and family. We want to give everyone a chance to become a member of The Streets. To be a part of the family, where everyone respects each other regardless of nationality or social conditions from which they come. And that’s why, together with the leading director and video maker Jan Strach, who shoots video clips for the complete Czech and Slovak music elite, we created a motivational video BE PART OF IT, where we want to show that The Streets is not just a basketball shoe retailer, but that we are a family that will accept anyone who needs help.


Part of the Be Part Of It project is also our first official clothing collection, which is completely cut & sew made in Slovakia from Czech cotton. We have decided to take our own merch to the next level in the form of an inhouse brand that meets the highest possible parameters for cut, weight and quality of workmanship.