media reach

Event like this deserves full media coverage, which we have achieved through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, influencers and global media.

people reached

Release 95 meters above

The observation deck called „Vyhliadka UFO“ is the highest monument in Slovakia. At the height of 95 meters we sold out our stock in 2 hours, 3/4 of people were at the observation deck for the first time and that is our other goal – to take our customers to places they had never been to. We made a small stage and tattoo corner at the top, it elevated the experience to another level. Pillars of the monument were shining in SBB orange color. People from at least 4 foreign countries (for ex. Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Poland) came to our release so our event was international.

social media

Over the course of a few days, we added SBB orange posts to social media, encouraged people to use orange emojis, and hyped our customers for the special release. The biggest names from Slovak rap culture, influencers, tattoo artists and YouTubers were involved in the release. One of them, specifically Ego, a member of the most legendary rap crew in the region – Kontrafakt joined the event. For our lookbook, we prepared Nissan GT-R with the Jumpman logo, Swoosh and The Streets logo.


Air Jordan 1 „SBB 3.0“ aftermovie. Feel the vibes from release 95 meters above at „UFO“ observatory.