BK Opava

The basketball Club of Opava is one of the traditional clubs from the Czech national league with its history dating to 1945. In the season 2017/2018 the club ranked 2nd in the league and attended the Basketball Champions League in the season of 2018/2019. In the history of the club, BK Opava won Czech Cup 5 times. 

BK Opava, it’s not just „A“. For the club, besides its first unit, the education of its own players is also crucial, to which it pays great attention and puts considerable effort. The club’s philosophy is to nurture new talents, which is why in recent years it has been constantly developing and improving its youth work system. In 2019, BK Opava had a total of eight youth teams and 12 basketball preparatory teams in primary schools in the city of Opava and the surrounding area.