Vit Krejci court n.5

Vit Krejci & The Streets

We are sure that every single member of our community sees how we are trying to support basketball culture. With our project COURTS OF THE STREETS we are giving new sense and emotions to old and ugly basketball courts in our region and showing to the community love and passion to the game, bring emotions, that all  with one key objective – take out  the young generation Z & ALPHA from the couch and play station and attract them to spent time on the fresh playground and discover the beauty of basketball culture.


 After participating on several reconstructions including our biggest, basketball court of TOMAS SATORANSKY in Prague last year, this year we were supper proud to join another great activation. 


Vitek Krejci, our ambassador, and the only Czech player in the NBA decided to come back to his childhood, city and club where he started to shine and elevate his talent. As he appreciates all the chance to shine and to put the base stone of his basketball journey that he was given by the SRSNI PISEK academy, he wanted to show respect to the academy and the city and build his own basketball court for young basketball culture of the city of PISEK.


And guess, what… We were able to be part of it.  Together with another crucial partners, such as city of Pisek, NBPA, PPG, Czech basketball federation, Srsni Pisek academy and others, another extraordinary project came to life, through which we were able to reward and motivate young basketball talents and basketball culture. 


Check all the content below, it was just pure basketball happiness and overcrowded by storytelling, mentoring, coaching, motivation, navigation, and inspiration of an army of new basketball generation.


The Court

The Streets brand

Specifically for this project, we have developed the unique collection of our brand THE STREETS, by which we decided to donate the whole project and storytelling, but even more important, support our young guns on their way to progress.  As we are putting strong emphasis on sharing emotions and delivering some additional value to everything what we do, we have designed personalized T-shirts for the project which contained the graphic of the basketball court, but also signature of Vitek crossing our branding, to show our friendship and connection. On Top of that we have prepared for all young guns our high quality THE STREETS balls in colors of Sršni Písek Academy and other benefits.



Seeing how our products were received by our youngest ballers really touched our basketball hearts. The energy we received and happiness on the faces of the kids made us confident to invest into our future stars and new generation of ballers.


The Camp

One of the key parts of the storytelling and whole content of the event was basketball camp we have organized for kids.  What can be the better motivation for young athletes, than to have a chance to practice with the Vit Krejci directly, the only Czech player in NBA, see his skills, compete against him, listen to his mentoring and advice how to get better, follow your dreams and get mamba mentality?  This was exactly the objective of the whole camp. Over than 100 kids attended our camp where Vit, together with his friends and pro-players from Czech national league coached, practices and motivated new generation of „ballers“.


Side activities

The side part of the whole event was also time for giving autographs and playing NBA2K.  Kids took their creativity and asked for autographs on their NBA jerseys, bags, basketball shoes, posters and many other places. There were tons of fun. 



Besides our unique THE STREETS collection for the event, we have come up with another highly premium products, that nobody expected. As the whole event was happening on 26.8. and just two days after an official release of the basketball sneaker of the year, KOBE 8 PROTRO HALO, we put the shoes on Vitek at the event and teased the energy around the product.  All kids got crazy from them.  


Nobody of them however knew, they will be able to win them.  We launched a basketball shooting competition for kids across all age groups. We rewarded winners in all categories by NBA Jerseys of Lebron James and Luka Doncic, but nobody, nobody expected that the most skilled and talented kids will find KOBE 8 PROTRO HALO in the box. 


Happiness in their face is not possible to describe.


Celebrity match

Getting closer to the final of the event, we have organized a celebrity match with THE STREETS team, consisting of Vitek and his friends, professional players against the biggest talents of Academy Srsni Pisek.  It was so much fun, and all the kids enjoyed it to the fullest.  Lots of dunks, breaking ankles, and selection of high-level basketball skills.



As the whole event got closer to the end, all of us from THE STREETS, Vitek, partners, kids, and everybody that attended the event gained tons of emotions to digest. All events like this, where we see young generations addicted to the game of basketball and bring them motivation to work on their talent make us proud to BE PART OF IT, part of great culture, that we are not just another culture vulture, but  a significant pillar and contributor of creating and supporting basketball culture. 


This event just proved that and if this was not the greatest event, which we have been part of, it was definitely the most EMOTIONAL one.


ballin everywhere