Prague court n.4

Tomáš Satoranský

Our fourth and biggest project so far is the cooperation on the reopening of the Pražačka playground in Prague, which is dedicated to Tomas Satoransky – the most successful NBA player in the history of the Czech Republic.



Take a look at the transformation of the court, whose revitalization has brought the place to life. The final design is an abstraction of the movement of a basketball player nicknamed Tomas Satoransky – Sato.


Grandstand with a message

The grandstand itself, which is part of the court, contains some of the highlights of Tomáš’s career, which are reproduced across its entire width. At the opening of the court, we held a little quiz for the fans linked to these highlights.


Opening day

On the opening day of the court, we organized side activities such as a visit to our Prague store with Tomas Satoransky and Vit Krejci, who played NBA2K against each other. Afterwards, an interview was held in our premises before the upcoming European Championship, which was attended by all major media in the country.



Soak up the atmosphere of the opening day of the court full of ball.



This project is a collaboration of several entities and organizations such as Tomáš Satoranský, NBPA, Czech Basketball Federation, PPG agency, RedBull, City of Prague and The Streets.