from east to west

From east to west, our initial project started in Košice, the most east located city of our marketplace where we have The Streets HUB.  We partnered up with the city of Košice and build our first court directly in front of our store and in the most valuable community spot in the hood. 

košice court the streets opening


As the year 2021 is the year of Space Jam: A New Legacy in basketball culture, we wanted to continue on our storytelling and show respect to this iconic movie. The objective was to make all players on the court feel like in the movie.  
And guess what.  


We delivered  100%.  

piece of art

To deliver the 1 to 1 feeling from the game, we decided to connect with the most valuable and respected, internationally known local street artist Daor and his crew. 

The objective was simple.


As much neon as possible.



The main objective of the event was to show up in the city and make noise as big as possible. Street life is mixing more than just Streetball. The street is created by ballers, singers, dancers, bikers, skaters, street artists, fashion designers and many others. And we wanted to celebrate with all of them. Therefore, the whole event consisted of full package of activities:

Streetball tournament
Slam dunk contest
Street dance performance
AJ1 Seafoms raffle
Double high hoop contest
Hip-hop performance 


the outcome

Full day of basketball and fun, good vibes, kids meeting their idols, crazy show, THE STREETS family rookies and lifelong memories.

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Check the court from a different perspective from @thespaniardsexplores