Bratislava court n.3

Same city, another city district

Our third initiative under the courts of the streets project is the second playground in the city of Bratislava in the city district of Ružinov. This time we revitalized the playground again in cooperation with Projekt Ihrisko, where we breathed life into this space in the sports and recreation area.



The playground we chose this time is again located among grey blocks of flats, but it is surrounded by a lot of greenery and there are also other sports and recreational spaces in the area. We therefore decided to go for a design with a green natural touch where we combined elements of flora in a green-grey-orange color combination in conjunction with bold yellow lines. The feeling of playing on the course is great and the area breathes with energy and life.


The game

For this occasion, we have created a video reel on instagram, where you can experience the feeling of playing on this course in a new look. The video had over 16,000 organic views.