bratislava court n.2

kids have a place to play

Our second activity from the project „Courts of The Streets“ took place in the capital of Slovakia. We teamed up with the city of Bratislava and the Petržalka district, where we revitalized a decrepit basketball court under the motto „Deti sa majú kde hrať“ meaning: „Kids have a place to play”.



The place we chose is surrounded by grey apartment blocks and the playground itself was no exception. We want to preserve the perception of visual art, sport and the emotions associated with it. We teamed up with local artists with Walldesign and together we chose an abstract form using bold luminous colors. The playground can now be seen from every far surrounding window.


back to life

Many public playgrounds are now neglected as a result of generational change. Some members of our team grew up in the district of Petržalka, so we picked this particular court that could be much more used, but its condition was not functional and attractive for children and their parents. The aim was to revitalise it and make it more attractive, to breathe a new life into it.