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A child’s dream that has become a reality. In this way, one could easily describe the beginning of a journey that has been writing its history for almost 15 years. The love for basketball and streetball was so strong that the idea was materialized and one of the first stores of its kind in Slovakia was opened. The community of people around streetball and the AND1 brand got what they wanted. A year later, it managed to expand from Bratislava to Košice.



We do not want to create just another ordinary retail space for the consumer. We create hubs, where our community can meet, shop, play ball, skate or just chill, have fun and enjoy the vibe.  

Courts of the streets

From east to west.  Our initial project started in Kosice, the most EAST located city of our marketplace where we have our STREETS HUB.  We partnered up with the city of Kosice and build our first court directly in front of our store and in most valuable community spot in the hood. 

košice court the streets opening

we are storytellers

What we earn, we give back to the community. Our mission always was to create unforgettable events where our community can meet, have fun and create memories that lasts forever.


In order to be as close to our customer as possible, we have formed partnerships with the major organizations in our region. Both on court and off court.


From legends to young talents, we work with the biggest names on the Czech and Slovak scene. Our crew includes ballers, artists, athletes, creatives, dancers, actors and talents of all kinds, connecting us with our entire community.